Travel Around The World: Enjoying The View From Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower

I love seeing views from such a height. Everywhere I go, if I can find a tower where tourists are allowed to go all the way up, with a reasonable price, of course, I will try to allocate some of my time to visit. So far, I’ve been to Eiffel Tower, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower (KL Tower), Oriental Pearl Tower, CN Tower, Umeda Sky Building.

Since this post is about Kuala Lumpur, I will only talk about towers that are located in Kuala Lumpur only.

Petronas Twin Towers (451.9 m)

Who does not know Petronas Twin Towers? They say you have not officially been to Kuala Lumpur if you have never been to Petronas Twin Towers.

Petronas Twin Tower has 451.9 meter height and was the tallest building in the world for a period of 1998 – 2004, before Taipei 101 and Burj Khalifa were built. However, until today, Petronas Twin Towers are still registered as the highest twin towers in the world.

Actually, I visited Petronas Twin Towers quite some time ago, around 2010. There was no entrance fee that time, it was totally free. But you had to come super early to queue and get the ticket. Believe it or not, the queue was already soooooo looong when I arrived at 6 AM in the morning.

But now, don’t bother to queue, you can buy the ticket in advance by visiting their website HERE. Plan earlier to avoid queuing because for visit within the next 24 hours, you need to purchase the tickets at the Petronas Twin Towers ticketing counter. The entrance fee is RM 85 per adult, and RM 35 per child.

After being informed that visitors are only allowed to go to the sky bridge, which is located in the middle of the tower (41st storey with the height of 170 m), I felt a bit disappointed. I had a too high expectation, I thought I could go up to the highest floor (88th storey) and enjoy the view up there.

Just before going up, visitors are entertained with a 10-minutes documentary about the history of Towers, how lightning rods were implemented, and what happen in case if the tower is struck by the lightning. It was a quite interesting documentary knowing that two construction consortiums were hired to complete each tower. The west tower was built by a Japanese consortium, and a South Korean consortium for the other one. They hoped, by introducing a competition, both towers would be completed in six years.

Soon after the documentary, we were welcomed to go to 41st storey with a high-speed elevator. Each batch of visitors is only allowed to stay maximum 10-15 minutes up there. So, make use of your time effectively!

View from sky bridge
Inside sky bridge

From this point, you may continue your journey to Petrosains, Aquaria, or KLCC Park where you can take pictures with Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC fountain. All of those places mentioned are still located in one area and accessible by foot.

Kuala Lumpur Tower (421 m)

In term of overall height, KL Tower is shorter than Petronas Twin Tower. However, visitors are allowed to go up to the observation deck (276 m) and the revolving restaurant (282 m), which is around 100 m higher than Petronas Twin Towers’ sky bridge (the highest point visitors can go).

KL Tower offers free (and good quality) telescopes for its visitors, which in my opinion, is its plus point. Most of the towers I have ever been required me to pay a few pennies before I can use their telescopes. By using its free telescopes, visitors can enjoy a super beautiful view of KL for around 20 minutes.

View of Kuala Lumpur from KL Tower observation deck. Awesome, right?
Free telescope in KL Tower observation deck

Beside observation deck, ‘Atmosphere 360: Revolving Restaurant’ is also a must visit place. This restaurant is located in 282 m and is the highest restaurant in Malaysia. In this restaurant, visitors are able to enjoy the view of KL without moving any single step, as the restaurant is slowly revolving. One full rotation requires 60-120 minutes. For those who have motion sickness, don’t worry about that. I have a motion sickness too but I didn’t feel dizzy when I was there.

I’m not sure about the taste and the quality of the food. But one thing I know for sure, this restaurant looks super formal, elegant, and expensive (especially those who earn MYR instead of USD)! Moreover, with the superb view at night, this place is super romantic for dinner with your loved one.

KL Tower Atmosphere 360 revolving restaurant
View from KL Tower revolving restaurant

If you plan to visit KL Tower, don’t miss the Blue Coral Aquarium. It’s located on the ground floor of KL Tower. Even though it’s not as big as Aquaria KLCC, it’s still an interesting place to visit.

Any suggestion on which tower shall I visit next? 🙂

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