Travel Around The World: Berjaya Hills

Berjaya Hills, also known as Fraser’s Hill, is located in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia.

Has anyone of you ever heard about Genting Highlands? Yap, the only licensed gambling spot in Malaysia. That is near Berjaya Hills!

The journey to Berjaya Hills from Kuala Lumpur takes 1 – 1.5 hours by car / by bus, depending on the traffic. If you are prone to motion sickness, please bring sleeping pills your medicine and plastic bags with you as the road is VERY winding.

Berjaya Hills offers few attractions such as Japanese Village, Adventure Park, Animal Park, Colmar Tropicale, Horse Trails, Sport Complex, and Golf.

Please take a look at the picture below for the complete list of attractions:

Attractions at Berjaya Hills

There is quite a distance that separates one attraction to another. For your convenience, it is advisable to rent or drive your own car. Even though there are few public buses, I am not sure about the frequency and whether all attractions are accessible.

Colmar Tropicale

This is Berjaya Hills Resort or also known as Colmar Tropicale, the most happening place in Berjaya Hills. It is very popular for its French-themed village and offers various restaurants, pastries, various entertainment such as 6D motion adventure, performers, and a live band.

Berjaya Hills Resort
Stage performance 🙂
View from Colmar Tropicale tower
Colmar Tropicale park

For those who stay in this resort, they might have a cheaper package for attractions. And if I’m not mistaken, there are a few mini shuttle vans fetch residents from attractions area to the resort and vice versa.

Japanese Village

Japanese Village Attraction

As the name implies, this is a garden with a touch of Japanese nuance. It combines the basic elements such as water, rocks, and rustic garden with a tea house, where Japanese tea ceremony is conducted. In this place, you can rent a kimono for RM 20 (for a short period of time, as long as you are in this area) or you can also join Japanese tea ceremony for RM 30.

In front of Japanese House, where tea ceremony is held.
A small Japanese House
Japanese Garden

There is a big botanical garden next to Japanese Village. If you are into plants, you should not miss this opportunity to explore. But since I am not a botanist, not a plant lover, I never barely care about plants, I didn’t really explore much.

Here are pictures of some plants I could find. By the way, do not ask me what is the name of the plant or flower in any of the pictures below. Asking me that question is like asking me how many apples does Brenda have in her refrigerator. Obviously, I do not know, I do not even know who Brenda is.



Botanical Garden

Adventure Park

Berjaya Hills also offers few extreme activities, such as Flying Fox (they claim it’s the longest in South East Asia), Canopy Walk, Rock Climbing, and Paintball.

At first, I thought Adventure Park would be as crowded as the Japanese Village. I was wrong. It was almost 5 pm when I reached and it was still open. But I barely saw anyone there, not even a ticketing officer. I wondered why. Then I figured out that this would be the main reason:

RM 78 / person for Flying Fox

RM 30 / person for Canopy Walk

RM 38 / person for Rock Climbing
I was so excited and really wanted to try Flying Fox. But after seeing this, I was  super disappointed. I lived in Kuala Lumpur for almost 8 years and based on my experiences, the prices listed above are super unreasonable. It is way too expensive for this kind of game. You can find similar games in KL with cheaper price. Much much cheaper. No wonder this park was so empty.

Animal Park

Also known as Rabbit Park, due to most of the animals here are rabbits. And before you get too excited, I tell you: This is not a zoo, not even a mini zoo. Animal Park is just a small park where few animals like deer, marmots, hamsters, rabbits, and donkeys are being conserved. But, it is still a very pleasurable place to visit, especially if you bring your children as they can play with rabbits and ride a donkey.

He hates it when his antler is being touched!
Wefie with a deer
Oops, I got you!

Horse Trails

There were around 10 horses when I was there, and each of them has their own name and stable. Visitors can choose a wide range of services, from renting a horse for short duration to learning how to ride a horse professionally. But please do an advance booking beforehand if you plan to learn to ride, rent a horse (without instructor), or take an advanced route.

Since I just wanted to have fun, I took a short duration and the easiest route. Advance booking is not necessary in this case.

Sun set ended my incredible adventure in Berjaya Hills. I secretly wished that I could ride this horse all the way to Kuala Lumpur.

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