Curhatan Anak Kuliahan: I miss these moments…

I miss the moment we stayed up late in Starbucks until 3 am, with a paper glass of coffee, talked about nonsense, about future (like we had a clue), or combination of both: nonsense future, until we realized that we were the only one left and those Starbucks’ employees gave a ‘when-you-guys-gotta-go’ kind of look. And at the end we still asked ourselves, ‘where are we going next?’
I miss the moment when we were that close, you told me your deepest secrets and those things your (ex) girlfriends didn’t even know. Til one day she got jealous, refused to talk to me, and asked you not to contact me.
I miss the moment when we used to complain and talk bad about any subjects or any lecturers that ‘forced’ us stay up late to do last-minute assignments. I miss the domino’s that always accompanied us, strange and stupid things we did due to pressure and lack of sleeping, a fight between us and him (we-know-who), oh okay, i rectify my words, it was between me and him; and weird things that always happen in every last minutes. I guess he was the one who brought bad luck…

Then it became a habit… Every assignment, even if we had completely done it, still, we gathered, passed the sleepless night, talked about nonsense future, and again, ate domino’s together. And you know, domino’s always taste 10 times better during those moments!
I miss the holiday moment, when we spent time watching movies or just went outside without any idea where to go and what to do. And at the end, we ended up watching several movies in one shot, even when people said that movie sucks, still… we watched to see how sucks it was.
I miss the moment when you guys always pushed me for something stupid, like ‘Stef, try to talk to him’ or ‘try to get it from him’ or ‘try to ask him cancel this things’ or ‘try to ask him do this, do that’. And whenever I complained ‘why me?’, you guys easily answered ‘usually guys would be nicer and softer to a girl’ and added ‘yeah, girls also nicer to another girl. Everyone is nice to a girl’. And when I successfully did it, you always said: ‘See, I told you he likes you.’ But if I didn’t, you guys asked me to wear something sexy before redo the ‘mission’ #sigh. You always assumed everybody likes me, huh? >.<
I miss the moment where we used to bully the lecturers or sometimes got bullied by the lecturers, bully our classmates, or got bullied by our classmates. And i miss those ‘new bag, huh?’, ‘new shirt, huh?’ type of questions, and those pervert things you ‘forced’ me to know even if I didn’t want to know, and the lecturers suddenly came in and stared at us wondered what we were talking about.
I miss the talks during class break, the time you were telling me how beautiful the sky and plants in Malaysia, comparing food outside and food in our cafeteria that  made us (more) aware how sucks were the foods in our cafeteria, or simply complaining what an unimportant subject was that just now. And i miss the way we made 10 minutes class break into 15 minutes class break.
I miss the moment when we often sat down, sang while waiting for the bus, wished the bus come late. I still remember your favorite song. And i still remember the thing you owe me, a pending promise… lol
Laughter, tears, fights, arguments, dramas, jealousy, stupidity, secrets.. All are blended into beautiful memories we would never forget <3
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8 years ago

Ahh stef, college life emang indah yaa :')

btw gw pindah ke account iniii.. follow blog gw yg baru yaa (isinya mah msh sm kyk yg dlu haha :P)